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App Features

Bytehealthy brings a common platform where one can sell

their home-cooked food and earn their identity as the best rated chef in Ranchi along with the income they very well deserve. It connects the foodies of the town to the best home-kitchens in town with chefs of their choice and lets them order their favourite home-cooked meals with complete trust and faith. Bytehealthy creates a mutual benefiting platform that connects vendors and customers. It offers the opportunity to work from their home-kitchen with all hygienic protocols and gives them a place to exhibit their menus.

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ghar ka khana

Seller Benefits

Bytehealthy helps in delivering home-cooked food from the

home-kitchens of the chefs to the doorsteps of the customers. Bytehealthy ensures all the covid protocols and hygienic cooking environment are well maintained and is proud to be of service to the people of Ranchi.

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Homemade food

About Bytehealthy

Bytehealthy strives to create a healthy food habit with the luxury of also eating from

home also eating from home. The vendors at bytehealthy have full right to experiment and function according to their own cooking style and time. The vendors get to earn a tangible income and an intangible identity associated with their dishes.

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Our Story

“Bhanu moved to a metro city for a new job and everything was just one click away on the internet. The job, the people and everything else was awesome except for one thing.

Homemade food delivery. Ghar ka khana.

Bhanu missed the home-made cake, home-made pizza and especially his mom’s ghee-tadka.

He attempted cooking at times as a student but had failed miserably at it. Unfortunately, there were no apps that delivered home-made food from the neighborhood or even offered homemade take aways.

He missed the ghar ka khana terribly and there were many times, he recalled, his mother would cook a little extra for him. That’s when the idea for Bytehealthy occurred. He wanted to create an online app where people could sell their home-made foods and where foodies could buy home-made food.”

It is a privilege of having home-made food that some people are unable to enjoy because they are away from home. Home-made food is being cooked around in every house around the neighborhood, every day for every meal and that it is still so rare to have when any one is away from their own home.

It was then, when Bytehealthy emerged. With internet emerging at a rapid pace the easiest thing was to bring home-made food online. That’s what Bhanu did. Bhanu made home-made food delivery an option available to foodies and those away from home.

Enjoy Home-Made-Food

Bytehealthy gives this platform as a way to connect to homes that are providing food that is cooked by home-chefs and is delivered by Bytehealthy. Home-made food delivery is a novel idea and an exceptional one when it comes to bringing foodies and home-chefs together.

Not restaurants.

Not hotels.

It is the home-kitchens that Bytehealthy makes available to everyone and delivers fresh, hot and tastiest home-made food.

Bytehealthy, is a food delivery service, specifically associated with home-made food. It offers a platform to home-chefs to turn their home-kitchens into commercialized kitchens and sell their own home-made foods from their own kitchen.

Bytehealthy chefs use their own recipes, their own kitchen and follow all the protocols of cooking food with due diligence. Bytehealthy displays the chef’s menus and delivers their home-made food directly to consumers and foodies.

The story above was the founder’s story about Bytehealthy and it still grows and prospers along with its community.