In a recent turn of events, most of the individuals decided to stay at home due to the corona virus outbreak and this has resulted in the increased traffic of online shoppers. Not only this, but the delivery services are also seeing a boom in their businesses as most of the people are staying at home and ordering take away food.

Holla Foodies!!
Your Safety is our First priority

In this pandemic situation Bytehealthy is providing the individuals a platform to keep going their business and even earn from it. But along with this we enforce strict food safety and hygienically standards. Our delivery partners & home chef are strictly being trained in the best practices of respiratory hygiene, proper method & frequency of washing hands, as well as identification of associated symptoms. Our delivery partners & home chef have also been advised to self-quarantine themselves for the recommended period upon noticing any symptoms. If a delivery partner or a home chef notice any associated symptoms, they've been specially requested to immediately reach out to us and consult a medical professional. We are especially touch with our Home chef partners to ensure they're aware of the best hygiene practices while handling and packaging food items.