This is 2020, we have learned more than ever how important is life than everything else. We have fought all kinds of wars in these few months, whether it be political, economics, or natural calamities. All of which taught us that we just need our lives to be happy and not just any other materialistic thing to be the ones we all intend. With all the strange things happening around us, we found what really matters that us.

All of these are giving birth to a new-found way of life for many. Everyone is more focused on how to be healthy and prevent themselves from the horrible diseases that roam around us. Our governments and experts have put spotlights on the two most important aspects of this concern, which are hygiene and healthy food. All of which will help us improve our standard of life and teach us how to become less susceptible to the deadly viruses hovering around us. And not to mention everything will make us a better person.

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