Have you ever thought about what you miss the most staying away from home? Obviously, the first thing that came to your mind is “GHAR KA KHANA “ . No Restaurant is going to give you the satisfaction of Homemade food, because it is not only tasty but healthy also. The Magic of flavor of homemade food is unbeatable. We usually crave “GHAR KA KHANA“ and also became sad by the fact that we are not at home, and we are not going to get it. One more thing is we know that some people love eating delicious while some people love cooking delicious. But they don’t get an opportunity to spread the light of their talent or earn the same.

Well, there is good news for both types of people.

Bytehealthy – a web-based as well as a mobile application that will connect the person seeking the flavor of homemade food to the person who has the magic of taste in their hand and a passion to prepare and sell tasty food is going to be launched very soon. It will integrate multiple chefs and foodies under one application that is Bytehealthy which is under CSHARPTEK.

Bytehealthy is different from other food delivery applications. Here anybody can cook and sell their food. The chefs and the foodies will have to register to avail of the services.

The application is going to be launched very soon, and we can get “ GHAR KA KHANA” even staying away from home and if you think you are a good chef, then you should register with Bytehealthy and make your food reach outside your home so that you can earn as well as bring a smile on the people’s face because everybody knows that tasty and healthy food is a way to the heart.