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About Us

Who we are

Launched in a global pandemic in year 2020, Bytehealthy is a virtual platform where people of alike interests in food are brought together by sharing home cooked food, in simple terms..

Bytehealthy is an online site which sells home-cooked food

The ones interested to have home cooked food can simply go on the app, scroll through the menu and order food that they want to have.The menu has breakfast,lunch & dinner items and delicious to relish. To the question of who can be sellers,thye answer is anyone who wants to.

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Are you staying away from your family?

Are you missing your home-cooked food?

Bytehealthy has managed to find the key solution to the above mentioned miseries.

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Bytehealthy has set up a virtual platform where we can share

'Ghar ka khana'

with much ease and comfort.The concept behind this venture is entirely based on one's preferences for home cooked meals & snacks.Now a days,the trend revolves around studying and earning the livelihood away from home.The restaurant food is no doubt very fancy and exotic but cannot be compared to the meal that is prepared at home by your loved ones.The food always stands out of the world because it has the taste of love. Bytehealthy has given a platform where the lonesome away from home people can enjoy Ghar ka Khana.